Company History

A History of Innovation

Olivia Cosmetics began its operations in 1982 under the dynamic leadership of the Chairman and Founder, Abdul Wahid Maskatiya, with the key aim of developing a local brand that met international standards using only the highest grade imported materials. The same year Olivia also launched a massive campaign to market the brand, including a video showcasing 100 of the most beautiful women in the world.

Olivia’s factory setup and an interview with a reputable beautician were also shared to create awareness about the brand, whilst a professional cosmetologist was brought on board to develop formulae suitable for the climatic conditions of Pakistan. Bleach creams, depilatory creams, make up sticks, body lotions, talcum powders and hair dyes were subsequently introduced and enjoy great popularity.

As Olivia grows, it embraces new challenges and continues to innovate, to better meet the beauty needs of an ever-growing number of satisfied consumers.