Social Responsibility

A Tradition of Care

Olivia believes strongly in contributing positively to the community, making education a top priority. The Maskatiya family businesses, including Olivia Cosmetics all contribute to society in the form of a family trust by the name of the Maskatiya Charitable Trust founded in 2003 and the Chairman of the Board of Olivia Cosmetics has taken over the management and governance of the Trust.

The primary aim of the Trust is to educate as many poor children as possible so that one day they have the opportunity to excel and contribute to national growth. The Trust has adopted a number of Government schools in the poor localities of Karachi where over 6000 children are currently being educated free of charge and its aim is to assist many more in the years to come.

At these schools, the Trust has installed Reverse Osmosis Plants to provide safe drinking water and also solar panels so that electricity is freely available. Free meals and proper sanitation has increased attendance and facilities such as computer labs, have helped students improve grades at both primary and secondary levels.

The Maskatiya Charitable Trust has also constructed a building covering 10,000 square feet for the administration and management of the Trust and currently has around 200 employees.
For further details regarding the Maskatiya Charitable Trust, please visit the website: www.mct.org.pk