Another First For Olivia

Maskatiya Industries (Pvt.) Limited, the manufacturers of Olivia Cosmetics, a pioneering company in the cosmetic industry of Pakistan, which over the past 30 years has been the first in introducing many unique cosmetic products in the market, took another innovative step by being the first to take media propagation of its products to another level. Now its target market got a chance to see a funny take on popular daily soaps with an Olivia angle.

Picture this ‘Kyunki Saas bhi kabhi Achee Thee’, yes you read correctly it is ‘achee thee’, something no Bahu will deny; that at some point in time her mom-in-law was half decent. This parody is depicted in its original format, with similar surroundings, wardrobe and props. The execution and direction is done to the highest standards. Work on these 5 different yet very popular series took over a year with weekly meetings between Maskatiya Industries (Pvt.) Ltd., and Hamid Hussain and Yacoub Gangat of Qamyaab Productions on content, script, execution, casting etc.

The screenplay, script, directors notes, wardrobe have been commissioned from across the border to ensure authenticity in what the audience sees. The way Olivia products enter each episode and how the story progresses seamlessly, has been executed to perfection.

During the year long airing of these programs, the target audience of Olivia has been hooked by these intriguing plays, generating a cult following and high People’s Meter Ratings. To ensure maximum coverage, these programs were transmitted across multiple popular channels; 1 Nationwide Channel and 2 Regional Channels to reach its public across Pakistan. As a further incentive for our audience to watch every day, mobile phones were distributed for simply answering a question correctly at the end of each episode.

Moving on from ‘Kyunki Saas bhi kabhee Achee Thee’, the audience will soon see ‘Kahani Har Ghar Ki’ followed by ‘Judai’ culminating with ‘Baba aur Baby’. Along with all of this there will be a weekly ‘Olivia Dulhan Hum Le Jayain Gay’.

All of these programs will leave the audience yearning for more and will be such a treat that at the end of each episode they will surely say ‘Olivia Shukriya!’