Gold Cream Bleach (Export only)

Since the time of ancient Egypt and Rome, alchemists have used a precious and expensive element in their most prized skin treatments for women – gold. Olivia brings you a variant for the women of our time – the Olivia Gold Cream Bleach, fortified with real Gold particles that light up your face and make it glow.
Enriched with pure Gold dust and saffron, it penetrates deep into the skin, making it healthy and beautiful. The effect of our Gold Cream Bleach is instantaneous – your excess dark facial and body hair will lighten in minutes, and your skin will feel rejuvenated.
This unique formula contains rich creamy moisturizers with no added ammonia, allowing your skin to maintain its optimum moisture balance. Try Olivia Gold Cream Bleach and experience the glow of gold on your skin.

Pack Contents

  • Standard: (Crème 35 ml e + Accelerator 4*3 =12g e)