Gold Beauty Cream (Export Only)

Be fair to your skin!!

24 Karat Gold particles lend a special radiance that is brought to you by Olivia innovation. With advanced UV protection, the cream absorbs easily without leaving any oiliness. The exclusive Gold Radiance formula protects and restores your youthful glow, prevents blemishes, renews skin and helps whiten to reveal a beautiful, glowing new you.
Be fair to your skin and use only high quality Olivia Gold Beauty Cream that has NO CHEMICALS SUCH AS MERCURY (BANNED BY THE FDA) OR HYDROQUINONE AND NO STEROIDS AND THEREFORE NO SIDE EFFECTS.

All that is revealed is your true beauty that glows with the subtle shimmer of gold.


Use at least twice daily after washing your face with the Olivia Gold Beauty Face Wash.

Pack Contents

  • 25 ml e