Bleach Creme Sachet

Another innovation from the House of Olivia is the Olivia Crème Bleach Sachet. It is the first product of its kind where both the Crème Bleach and the Accelerator Powder are carefully housed in two separate sachet packs and are then effectively sealed protecting the materials against moisture loss and other seasonal effects.
This one-time use sachet is a cost effective product which fades away your dark, unwanted hair quickly and effectively. It comes in 3 variants which include Regular, Haldi and Peach Bleach Cremes.

Regular: Enriched with Aloe Vera extracts for safe, effective skin lightening.
Haldi:A natural antiseptic and fairness agent, Haldi iscombined with Aloe Vera extracts to rejuvenate the skin.
Peach:Anti-oxidant qualities help nurture your skin.

Pack Contents

  • Sachet:15g (Crème = 10ml e, Accelerator Powder = 5g e)