Rose Hair Removing Cream

The new Olivia Herbal Crème Hair Remover, specially formulated with natural herbs is a safe and hygienic way of removing unwanted hair from your face, arms, under arms and legs in ONLY 5 minutes. The added benefits of Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E help restore the pH balance of the skin and reduce any form of irritation. Unlike regular hair removing crèmes, it not only creams away thicker, unwanted hair but also reduces regrowth.
Olivia Herbal Crème Hair Remover is effective and after its use your skin will feel smoother and silkier. Its mild and gentle formulation is suitable for all skin types including sensitive ones.
Available in a variety of fragrance you’ll love such as Rose, Jasmine and Sandal.

Pack Contents

  • Large: 50 g
  • Small: 25 g